Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Home!

     Just made it home from Florida. I can't wait to make a card. That is my goal later tonight after getting my family back on the right track.  I have to pick up almost a 140 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in a little while. My daughter and I will have to sort those later.
     It's good to be home. My dads surgery went great! The nurses bragged on how well he was doing while he was in the hospital. 4 days of sitting in a hospital was ENOUGH for me. I don't even like it when i have to go to work there, let alone visit. LOL. It was good to see him do so well though. He'll be up and running around again in no time.
     I hope to have a card made with all of the flowers that i made while sitting in the hospital.  You wouldn't believe the flowers that i have now.

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