Sunday, July 15, 2012

Struggling- I need your opinion world

     Well, This past 2 weeks has been very stressful for me. Our School (Christian School) is closing. The vote will take place today at Church.  I am not going because i have lost a lot of respect/trust for some of the people in our congregation. I know that we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God, but my heart is aching and I'm feeling very heartbroken and angry right now.

     This whole mess started last year with "members of our congregation" deciding to pull their kids from the school. Needless to say these people weren't willing to leave it alone and move on, they had to manipulate others with their negative thoughts. They didn't feel that we(CHURCH) had the money to continue, yet we succeeded again to make it (with trust that God would provide) for another year.  This was our Mission! The kids of the school was our mission. Not all of the kids were Christians and we were setting the example for them. I am so disappointed right now that it weighs heavy on my heart 24 hours a day. Every time i wake up in the middle of the night, it's the first thing that i think of. First thing in the morning that's what my mind is led back to.

     I did pray that whatever happened would be best for my son and it has come to this.  I will trust that it will work out for the best for him in the long run, but i'm really struggling with forgiving those people who set all of this into action. How do i cope? How can i go to church and look at these people with a straight face? I'm praying a lot and i know that these people will be judged in due time. It is not for me to do.

     Has anyone ever experienced a problem like this? How did you overcome it? Did you stay at that church?
Please Pray for me that i will forgive and move on.



  1. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I've had too many of these types of experiences to count:) I've come to look at these people as finally removing their masks and showing everyone who they truly are on the inside. When people show/tell you who they are, believe them. Do you really want to give these people this much of your time, energy and soul? God will provide you and your family exactly what you need and what you take from from those experiences are up to you. And in the secular part of my brain, I say, the best revenge to those who I believed to have wronged me, is to live a happy life:) Good luck

  2. I came to your blog looking for your Clearly iStamp post and saw this and want to try to encourage you. The most important thing is to keep your eyes on the Lord!!! My husband is a pastor, but over 15 ago when he was a youth pastor in another ministry, I was teaching in the Christian school. I was asked to leave because one mother got upset, called everyone and got them on her side, and convinced the pastor that I should not be teaching. There is still some hurt when I think of that, but we did stay there for several more years because it was God who called us there and until He called us on, we served faithfully. I will answer to the Lord for my actions as that lady will answer for hers. We have heard in the years since from several that they appreciated our faithfulness during that time.
    You have to determine if the church is going in the direction that pleases the Lord and if this is where He wants your family. I would encourage you to go talk to your pastor and share your heart. Beware of allowing bitterness to have a place in your heart!! Remember that God is faithful!! He can turn this difficult situation into a blessing for you!! I will pray for you as I think of you!!